Solar energy is the most abundant form of energy available on earth, yet it is also one of the least utilized. Almost all forms of common consumable energy are solar in origin - oil, coal, gas, wood were originally produced by photosynthetic and complex chemical processes. Modern solar panels are the most direct way of utilizing the huge amount of energy given to us by the Sun. As with every technology some skepticism is natural. However, with increased worldwide interest and intense research and development coming from both public and private sectors, it is hard to ignore recent achievements of solar technologies.


It is up to each person either abandon Solar Energy or use it.


We are inspired to face the global challenges of our planet. There is no reason to put off to tomorrow, that what can be accomplished today:


Full version on this great inspiring film can be found by following the link below. Feel free to share it with any of your friends - this movie was created for nonprofit purposes and is ment to inform us all - "Home" full version available on YouTube